Half Day Classes

Learn to love your food

Half Day Classes all start with an introduction to tasting and understanding spices. Before the hands-on cooking begins, you will learn when and how to use spices, as well as what spices bring to Indian cuisine. Suitable for anyone who wants to learn new skills and try out new flavour combinations inherent to Indian cooking. You’ll go home with dishes to feed two people.

  • + Weekend Family Rituals GF/ V/M

    This class is inspired by Bini’s memories of childhood weekends spent eating delicious meals with family. These dishes incorporate an array of textures and colours with lasting flavours. You’ll take away dishes to feed two people M (gluten free course)

    – Spicy Roast Chicken with coriander and yogurt marinade (Bini’s special blend) M / GF

    – Gujarati, Aubergine and Potato Curry GF / V

    – Perfect Spiced Rice GF / V

    – Chass (yoghurt drink) GF / V

    – Price: £125 pp, maximum class size of four.

  • +A Royal Indian Adventure (V/M)

    This class is inspired by recipes eaten by royalty in Northern India. The subtle, creamy flavours and accessible ingredients make the dishes ideal for families with children.

    – Creamy Chicken Curry cooked in tomato and spices GF / M

    – Rotli (chapatti) made using traditional techniques V

    – Perfect Cumin Rice GF / V

    – Raitu (cucumber and mint relish, Bini’s mother’s recipe) V

    – Price: £125 pp, maximum class size of four.

  • + East meets West Curry Workshop M/GF

    – An experience of the traditional curries on a plate M

    – You will be shown how to prepare the masala for the Lamb kofta and how to season the sauce perfectly for this dish GF/ M

    – The chicken and spinach curry is a popular dish using aromatic spicing, fresh herbs to create the perfect curry  GF/ M

    Pilau rice , is a staple dish  and you will be shown how to prepare, cook, this using complex flavours  GF/ V

    – To finish you will prepare a mint and yoghurt raita to compliment the dish  GF/ V

    £125 pp, maximum class size of four. (gluten free course)

V – Suitable for Vegetarians.  M – Meat Dish   GF = Gluten Free

All the cookery lessons are 3 hours and hands on.