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Testimonial from a daughter who bought her dad a gift voucher for and came to a cookery session together I thought I would share it with you.


‘ Me and dad had a great time! We learnt a lot! Our dinner was amazing and mum wants the same again next week!

Cant wait to try cooking it again, following the recipe you made us and putting to practice all the things you taught us today. Will definitely have to come back on a different course, you are a great teacher! Again thank you so much.’  Alice and Alan Cardiff

Hi Bini


‘Thank you for the photos and for a really enjoyable time.  My husband loved the “leftovers” and has said he hopes my cooking is going to continue to such a high standard.  He is not too sure about eating with his hands, so thought I might do a dinner  party and test my new skills but no knives and forks – could be interesting! There was still some leftovers on Friday so I got to practice cooking the rice,  which I needed to adapt slightly to Aga cooking.  It turned out well and was delicious. I have been telling my friends and 2 of them said they are going to buy a cookery session birthday present.  Hope they do. Thanks again for a fabulous time’.  – Elaine


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