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This week I have had the opportunity to visit my parents to celebrate my dads 81st birthday. It has been years since I had time alone with them. I’m always busy working.

We went shopping to the local corner shops which Bradford has in abundance.

Independent shops selling unusual ingredients from counties across the world. I love this because I know there’s new foods to explore and create.

Mum and I had a great time choosing and selecting them. As always giving me tips on buying the best vegetables. The shops sell the veg loose so you can take how little or as much as you like. Everything looked fresh.

I remember growing up there would be certain days when deliveries would be made and people would flock to the shops knowing it would have arrived.




What I know from growing up is  that, a  community shop can give a area a heart beat a meeting place, provide a service and convenience. You can ask for ingredients you may need and they can source it for you. Yes you might pay a bit more, but you will have a friendly face and buy that special ingredients which they have.

The large retailers do a brilliant job but our corner shops, small local businesses are essential to us too.

Make a difference and visit a local shop and support them too.


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