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It was a the smiles, the confidence that grew whilst cooking in the kitchen here at Sweet Cumin that made me feel happy during Saturdays cookery session.

Paula, Karen, Sara (who are school friends) and Emma  ( daughter) coming together and enjoying time for each other. They had a lot of fun learning, cooking, washing up ( part of cooking) and then enjoying their food at the end.

Here are a couple of emails I received over the weekend.


‘ Hi Bini, Thankyou so much for the photos they are great and it shows what a fab time we were all having !!!  It really was a lovely morning We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, you are a great teacher and the food was just amazing . I will definitely be doing the curry again soon and will recommend anyone I can think of to do your courses ! We do sometimes treat ourselves to a takeaway at weekends so will try your meals next time  for a change !!! Keep up your brilliant work and keep smiling you do a grand job  !!

Can I just say too that you have a beautiful home Bini and your husband was very welcoming too , he makes a nice cuppa 😊 Thankyou once more and Happy Diwali to you too !

With warmest wishes’  Paula x



‘Thank you so much. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. Dinner was delicious. Enjoy your day with your family’.  – Karen


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