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Save Money: GoodDiet on ITV –

Sian Williams, with the help of chef Phil Vickery, count down the UK’s top 10 favorite family dishes S2 Ep1  https://www.itv.com/hub/save-money-good-diet/2a4665a0021 – you need to sign in


On Tuesday 11th June 8pm ITV a feature on Save Money, Better Diet was looking at fresh vs frozen foods.

People will grab a ready meal and the frozen food market has dipped in sales recently.

Sian Williams and an expert tasted a frozen supermarket curry and mashed potato product and its equivalent as a fresh food version, they couldn’t tell the difference in flavour for the chicken curry whether it was frozen or fresh. The mashed potato was acceptable in flavour and texture as frozen too.

Frozen was also cheaper and you also get more meat content. I was pleased they mentioned that frozen food lock in the nutrients and are a convenient way of eating curry that will last longer and reduce food waste.

Bini curries are blast frozen / snap frozen straight from cooking ( no gasses used to preserve or extend the shelf life).

I was really pleased to see that Bini Fine Foods curries were in the opening credit and 7 minutes in the programme. Thank you Darts farm Topsham Exeter for showing my range.

Fancy giving the curries a try click on the link and find your nearest stockist or online delivery option click here

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