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Its Veganuary and its is vegan Monday. Every dish at Bini Fine Foods tell a story and its authentic flavours come shining through from each and every mouth full.

This dish achieved a Gold award 2018 with Taste of the West and was in the finals of the Ready meals and Light Bites category. Amazing.

Judges comments
Aroma – it smells amazing,
Appearance – looks very appetising, lovely bright colours, and all the vegetables clearly visible. Once cooked the grains still look lovely.
Texture – very good and individual grains and vegetables still have bite.
Taste – STUNNING! A nice balance and great whole spices. It is slightly understated but his is a plus point as its to be served with curry. LOVE IT!!!!.


Story about the dish… Mixed Vegetable Rice
My mum used to say that perfect rice is not difficult – even for a teenager!
At weekends we ate delicious savoury rice – matar bhat (matar – peas, bhat – rice) cooked in a masalo (a blend of spicy vegetables). Pre soaked rice combined with meticulously chopped vegetables and ingredients were assembled and fused with spices flavours before cooking commenced. Preparation and the absorptions of spice flavours is the key to cooking perfect rice. Gujarati vegetable dishes – chapattis, green bean and potato curry, black chickpea curry, spicy lime pickle, khadi, popodoms and bhajya were served with piping hot matar bhat which would soaked up all the juices leaving empty plates and a happy family.





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