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Cooking for the family

I grew up cooking for my family as s child.

At the age of 13yr old, I’d be awake at 6am, prepare breakfast for everyone and also make the packed lunches and I’d dash off to school with my books and lunch in hand.
I’d come home after school and cook an evening meal which would consist of curry, rice, chapatis and a salad so that by 6pm the family could sit and enjoy a home cooked meal every day. It’s something I miss now having not been able to have my own family and living away from my family members.

Food, however will always give me fond memories. The time when my mum would show me how to prepare a pudding or form the perfect samosa casing. How we would sit around the table chatting and filling the samosa and I’d fry them. It would take hours to prepare and minutes to eat.

Today is Diwali and tomorrow is New Year. A perfect time to catch up with family. I will cook masala fish and dal. Moghul Chicken and matar paneer curry with rice and a freshly cooked naan. Different foods from around India, a feast for the eyes and senses.
As I’ve got older I am now understanding the importance of eating together, sharing time, creating memories.

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