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This year we grew our own vegetables but without the aid of a green house. We were lucky enough to get the very hot weather and a new watering system which made it easy for the veggies to grow.

Growing melons was our first attempt and we weren’t disappointed. We opted for the Cantaloupe variety for its orange coloured flesh and floral notes. I loved how one plant produced four melons. We have realised that one plant of everything has been sufficient for two of us. We realised that the green leaf and the whole plant just died and the fruit was soft and ready for picking.

When we cut into the fruit it was the most inviting aroma.

I just had to cut one open to see how it looked. Forget the look the smell was amazing. 

I decided to grab a few ingredients from the fridge and store cupboard and I grabbed the  Serrano ham, and quickly made a dressing of clear runny acacia honey, lemon juice,  balsamic vinegar( I used belazu) , olive oil (Greek)  and freshly picked garden mint. Oh cracked pepper too.

The black pepper added a little heat and remember the ham is salty so with the sweet, sour, salty notes from the dressing the balance and acidity will be perfect. 

 This is the most rewarding starter for today’s bank holiday lunch. 

I also found that the fresh mint worked well with the melon, it is, its best friend. Perfect for the summer.



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