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On many occasions during my day I hear people say that they don’t have time to….

I always think,  …. ‘do they have 4hrs it watch the box’!

Cooking should be part of the daily schedule where you take time to enjoy preparing a lovely meal for yourself and your family.


I am a culprit for not spending enough time to take a lunch break. So I have taken it upon myself to make the  effort to eat lunch (leftovers from the previous night are perfect for) this fuels my body which allows me to do the necessary work needed. I’m getting better at this and am feeling more energised too.


Good cooking is about using time well and effectively.

Time not thyme is also an ingredient and is an essential part of the art of cooking.

Some dishes take longer to cook where others are quick.

I have seen many experienced home cooks produce wonderful dishes, talking, gossiping, preparing ingredients, cooking and then serving out the food and eating together. It’s a recipe in itself – a ritual.


With Indian food taking time to prepare is essential. My mum would show me as a young cook her accurate knowledge, awareness,  of how to time the stages of various dishes so it’s ‘just right’. It’s experience and a real skill to be able to do this. I listen to music when I cook it helps me to relax and I know the food it going to taste wonderful.


Some dishes have different timings to ensure the food it cooked to perfection. 

  • Seconds -peeling garlic using Bini’s method


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