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Ginger Garlic Paste – Ready for the Freezer


I had a cookery session yesterday and one of my cooks mentioned that she enjoyed having people around her (she has a young family)- cooking, chatting and enjoying time together. It made me think about time.

With work & family,  time passes by and we forget to stop and look at what’s important.

How can me make changes in our lives to make sure we use it effectively so we can do things we enjoy.


This year I have made a conscious decision to make time.

I am going to have time for me – my main passion is of course cooking but I also enjoy the great outdoors and running. I have made time to plan a day (s) to do this come rain or shine. I bought myself a good lightweight raincoat and shoes so I have no excuses.


Cooking – I use every minute of my day 9am-5pm to achieve what I can – I have a lunch and keep fueled. With water and snacks ( some are fruit others are indulgent but I can treat myself now and again)


Planning ahead

When I cook for my family and friends I tend to plan . I was taught this from a young age. At the tender age of 13 years I was running my family kitchen cooking meals every evening and ensured that I had everything ready for 6pm.  I make a list of what I am going to cook and stick to the plan. My brother in law has a strict schedule with timings to help him. Stay on task.

I buy what I need and store as required.

I look through recipes books or online for inspiration, I like variety and flavour. Try a new recipe.

Here are my 5 top tips I use on a regular basis:- Cooks ask me about storage of products so this is my guide.

  • Ginger, garlic and chilli paste –  can be prepared in advanced and blitzed into a paste and frozen into cubes. You can then take them out and cook with them as and when you need them.

  • Fresh Coriander – well how many times have you found a packet of coriander that is wet and lost it love – I suggest to my cooks to remove the coriander out of the packet and wash the bunch ( remove the elastic band), dry it well and wrap it up in clean kitchen towel and store in the fridge.

  • Leftover food can be tumbled down – my mum would always use us a chicken curry and cook pasta with a lovely salad and raita with it. Tumble down a meal and goes a long way.

  • Rice – prepare with by washing and soaking it the night before so you cook it quickly the next day. Make sure you have sufficient water to allow it to soak well.

  • Use up ingredients that you have ( don’t buy what you don’t need) , make a list of what you have beforehand so its a quick list near or on the fridge door




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