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New Years Resolutions playing Shakes and Ladders 


Every year I look at what went well and how things progressed in 2017 and how and what changes I will make  in 2018. Here’s my story.


In 2017 I made my dream come true to expand my production facility and take it away from my home. It was great to achieve the EC standards. With such positivity soon after I had staffing issues. Change isn’t for everyone! 


It made me realise that things can  be great one day and next minute it can all go down hill. A little like snakes and ladders.


 I became stronger and resistant with how I can adapt to sudden changes. My passion and determination is what got me through. It was time to find a new team to drive the business forward.

 I found 5 wonderful new staff who work well together and are happy. Happy people produce happy food.  I have learnt that people come and go!


Winning awards if great but getting a product out into the market is challenging. There are lots of people who say ‘no’ it’s easy. It can be demoralising and at times push you down. Snakes and ladders. However I always wonder, what if you say ‘YES’. What amazing journey would we have together?


How often will people say ‘yes’? Let’s see.


The production is going steady and with new outlets taking on the meals it is a positive move forward. I thank everyone who have said yes.


I met wonderful people in London and winning the champion product for my classic chicken curry for taste of the west 2017. How amazing is that.  I won another Great Taste award for my garam masala spice blend. That’s 11 Great Taste Awards in total.


Bini is now a registered trade mark which is great. I was pleased to see progress.


Sweet Cumin cookery school


The cookery school has been wonderful and I meet  talented cooks who love curry and want to learn. I was featured as number 1 in Olive magazine for Indian cookery. I featured on C4 as an expert on Tried and Tasted with Michel Roux Jr. It was fantastic and was aired in June. We had great fun.


I was shortlisted for small business of the year in the Mendip Awards which was fantastic.


I made great progress with women enterprise for the FSB with setting up a task force in Cornwall and running events in Somerset. The Instagram session had 45 business people who went away inspired. Listening to inspiring business owners who use social media within their business and sharing their stories. A hands on informative workshop with Cosmic was also well received.


In September I demonstrated at Abergavenny food festival and met Tom Kerriage. A wonderful chef with a good heart.


I was appointed Somerset Lead for the FSB just before Christmas and will help businesses in the region with policy, issues and running events throughout 2018.


I had painters refresh my kitchen ready for the new year.


Lastly I was given a watch for my birthday that tracks GPRS to motivate me. In December I ran 93 miles


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