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You can do anything with the smallest budget with skills, knowledge, determination and hard work. I’m very happy indeed. Thank you to all the customers who have supported me from the start. I am totally chuffed. You can buy the curries from the various outlets click here. Try them for yourself.

Great Taste 2106 Awards – Judges Comments:-

Southern Indian Potato Curry – Potato and Coconut Curry – Great Taste 2* 2016 Award

We were really surprised and delighted by this delicate and welcoming dish.  The spicing level is well judged and offered a fine eating experience.  Well done!
A very natural fresh looking curry. Humble ingredients cooked well, warming and fragrant. The aromatics are very fresh. The complex spices rumble around the palate, delicious and with superb length.


Moghul Chicken Curry –  Great Taste 2* 2016 Award

Great aroma and home made look. Generous pieces of chicken. All individual ingredients and spicing well distinguished. The chicken is moist and well seasoned with gradually building heat. We all went back for seconds!
Attractive looking dish and really nice that they’ve chosen chicken thigh meat. Good complexity of flavour and great crunch from the almonds. The quality of ingredients reflects the original concept of the celebratory moghul curry. Spot on.


Binis Tandoori Masala Marinade – Great Taste 2* 2016 Award

A warming, developing heat that lingers into bitterness. Some fresh herbal notes. There are many levels of roasted spice here.
An eye-opening rub – so fresh, well made and well balanced with cumin, coriander and lemongrass coming through. Remains on the palate with building heat. Great on the chicken we tasted and, as well as a rub or marinade, we see this as a fine addition to a curry sauce, adding complexity. Well formulated.
Very fresh, herby, citrussy marinade.  A fruity sweetness too.  We like that the ingredients aren’t too finely minced so they retain their individual characteristics.  Great level of chilli. This is delicious, could have eaten it all (and more).  Well done!

Gujarati French Bean and Potato Curry – Great Taste 1* 2016 Award

This certainly packs a flavour punch – we enjoyed the fragrant up front notes. The chilli is pretty powerful but not overwhelming. An authentic Gujarati curry experience according to our expert judge.
Generous combination of potato and bean, the potato holds it shape in the dish and then melts beautifully in the mouth.  The beans are tender and have a good bite.  The spices are well developed and are cleverly complex.

Sweet pepper and paneer curry – Great Taste 1* 2016 Award

A well made dish, the paneer has taken on the flavour of the spices, the vegetables are well prepared and cooked, the overall balance of spices and seasoning is very good.
Good colour and artisan look and feel to it. Nicely distinguishable ingredients and a generous ratio of paneer. Fresh tasting and well seasoned.
A goodly welcoming aroma that offers gentle spicing.  Perhaps the spices could be cooked out a touch more but we did find a freshness of character that gave enjoyment.




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