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Spicy cheese on toast is a quick snack and packed full of flavour.

I used to eat this often on a Saturday night – something light has a kick of chilli to give you a boost.

Here is my recipe to share



1 small baton – tiger  baton – sliced lengthwise and into quarters or bread of your choice

1 tbsp. tomato ketchup or sweet and sour tamarind chutney



250gsomerset cheddar or similar – grated on the larger hole side

1/2 finger chilli stalk removed and chopped finely

1 -2 tbsp. fresh coriander leaves – washed and chopped

2tsp dried mixed herbs

1 pinch toasted cumin seeds – crushed in a pestle and mortar

3 organic cherry tomatoes – washed and cut into 6th (half, quarter and then half again)

1tbsp red onion chopped finely

1tbsp green pepper chopped finely

1tbsp red  pepper chopped finely

1 organic button mushroom – peeled and chopped

2 large pinches – Maldon sea salt to taste



1.Turn on the grill to the highest setting.

2. Next, line a tray with tin foil and place the slices onto the tray;  lightly toast the bread and then spread tomato ketchup or sweet and sour tamarind chutney onto the toasted side.

3. Combine the filling into a bowl and mix well. Add more salt if desired.

4. Equally divide the filling between each slice, covering the top surfaces (the bread will will burn if the surface isn’t covered properly)

5. Grill for 5-6 minutes until the cheese filling begins to melt, bubble and turns golden brown.

6.Switch off the grill, remove the tray and serve two pieces per person.



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