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Results announced:

I was really pleased to hear that my homemade ready meals have made an impression on many judges who love Indian food.

This year, Sweet Cumins, Bini’s ready meals  have achieved several awards both  regional and national.

I thought I would share the judges comments with you:-


Comments from the judges

Kala Channa nu sac – Black chickpea curry this is a traditional curry eaten at weddings. It has a nutty texture and a delicious masala with many spices to work in harmony together.

“A really attractive and interesting vegetable curry. We liked the soft chickpeas, the subtle well-balanced spicing, and just the right level of heat”.


Chicken Curry – “A lovely, robust curry that has good depth of flavour and pleasant, fragrant spicing. A good level of heat and the chicken is tender and juicy. An excellent ready meal curry”.


Delhi Matar Paneer –   “Appetising aroma with a generous mix of paneer and peas. We were impressed with this traditional Indian combination – the paneer held its shape without being rubbery, there were plenty of peas ;the balance of spices was good, there was a rounded chill heat coming through. For a ready meal, this is very good”.


Taste of the West 2015 – GOLD for the Local food on the go



Commitment, perception & communication of local sourcing This is a truly unique food to go business based in Bini’s home with local sourcing at the heart of all the food; spinach is picked from the garden, home grown chillis, meat from Paul Loader, Radstock, yoghurt from Yeo Valley & oil from Bath Harvest. As this is a home based business the communication of this sourcing is straight from Bini.
Quality of the meal This is outstanding Gujarati cuisine that rivals the best restaurant dishes. There is a small but interesting menu that is perfectly seasoned with fresh flavours and layer upon layer of spice. The lamb and spinach curry tasted of tender, melting lamb and was fresh with individual ingredient flavours. The flavours build into just the right amount of heat from the chilli. The chicken moghul curry combined tender chicken with a delicious creamy, but not greasy, sauce. The dal was both sweet and earthy with the perfect amount of coriander. The samosas were crisp and crunchy on the outside with delicious fillings.
Quality of service I have never enjoyed collecting a takeaway meal so much! Even before Bini knew I was there on behalf of ToTW I was shown the spinach growing in the garden that was cooked in the lamb curry. I was bowled over by her knowledge and enthusiasm for quality and provenance. I felt welcome and would recommend this ‘takeaway’ to anyone.
Atmosphere, ambience and value for money It felt like visiting a friend who has prepared a very special meal for you. Bini provides a really unique service which is genuine, home prepared, authentic and delicious. It is worth every penny.
Summary Comments   The quality was amazing and the experience of collecting the meal was not only unique but also educational. As a keen cook myself I picked up some useful tips.This was outstanding home-cooked Indian food.

Feeling happy.



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