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GOLD Award 2015 for Sweet Cumin – Local Food on the Go

I received the feedback from the Judges today and thought I would share the great news:-


‘The quality was amazing and the experience of collecting the meal was not only unique but also educational.

As a keen cook myself I picked up some useful tips. This was outstanding home-cooked Indian food’.


Commitment, perception & communication of local sourcing

This is a truly unique food to go business based in Bini’s home with local sourcing at the heart of all the food; spinach is picked from the garden, home grown chillies, meat from Paul Loader, Radstock, yoghurt from Yeo Valley & oil from Bath Harvest. As this is a home based business the communication of this sourcing is straight from Bini.


Quality of the meal

This is outstanding Gujarati cuisine that rivals the best restaurant dishes. There is a small but interesting menu that is perfectly seasoned with fresh flavours and layer upon layer of spice. The lamb and spinach curry tasted of tender, melting lamb and was fresh with individual ingredient flavours. The flavours build into just the right amount of heat from the chilli. The chicken Moghul curry combined tender chicken with a delicious creamy, but not greasy, sauce. The dhal was both sweet and earthy with the perfect amount of coriander. The samosas were crisp and crunchy on the outside with delicious fillings.

Quality of service

I have never enjoyed collecting a takeaway meal so much! Even before Bini knew I was there on behalf of ToTW I was shown the spinach growing in the garden that was cooked in the lamb curry. I was bowled over by her knowledge and enthusiasm for quality and provenance. I felt welcome and would recommend this ‘takeaway’ to anyone.


Atmosphere, ambience and value for money

It felt like visiting a friend who has prepared a very special meal for you. Bini provides a really unique service which is genuine, home prepared, authentic and delicious. It is worth every penny.


I hope this tantalises your tastes buds to sample Gujarati cuisine for yourselves.

Meat dishes

Best Ever Lamb and Spinach Curry 350G – £9 per portion – Using west country shoulder of lamb and home grown spinach with complex spicing from home made garam masala, fenugreek, fennel,  cumin, ginger, garlic and chillies; inspired by the women of Bradford. This dish also achieved the Great Taste 2*


Moghul Chicken Curry 350g – £6.50 per portion -A lighter interpretation of a classic Butter chicken.  Spices include tandoori power, turmeric and chilli, home made garam masala, cooked in Somerset chicken thigh meat, yoghurt, golden rapeseed oil. this makes it an ideal dish for families who love creamy Indian food, packed  full of flavour. (contains dairy)


Chicken Curry 350g – £6.50 per portion – A classic chicken curry with a fragrant tomato based sauce with fresh coriander. A perfect dish. eaten with rice and yogurt.


Chicken and Spinach Curry – £6.50 per portion – Tender pieces of chicken thigh meat cooked in onion, spinach and tomato spiced with cumin, cassia and turmeric and chillies. (contains dairy)


Vegetarian dishes

Delhi Matar Paneer – 350g £6.50 per portion –  Spiced onion and tomato based sauce with pan fried paneer cheese and sweet peas. (contains dairy)

Gujarati Toor ni Dhal – 300g £5 per portion Great taste 1*  suitable for vegetarians – A traditional Gujarati dish with complex subtle spices using Toor dhal. Fresh coriander and tomatoes. Perfect accompaniment with rice and raitu. ( contains Mustard)

Mixed Vegetable Curry – 350g £5.50 per portion  suitable for vegetarians – robust flavours of mustard and asafoetida, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and carrots. fresh coriander make this a great dish eaten alone or as an accompaniment. ( contains Mustard)

Black Chickpea Curry – 350g £5.50 per portion – Nutty texture of the chickpea cooked in a tomato based sauce,  the spicing is complex yet subtle, and make this dish a Gujarati classic served at Wedding celebrations. Perfect with plain rice and yoghurt. ( contains Mustard)

Sweet Pepper and Paneer Curry – 350g £6.50 per person –  Pan fried paneer and sweet peppers cooked in coriander and cumin spices, with ginger, garlic, fresh tomatoes and onions, topped with fresh coriander and double cream. (contains dairy)


All food is prepared in my kitchen.

The dishes come ready  frozen  – serve two people or one person very comfortably.

Collection from my home or the food can be bought at Tisbury Deli nr Salisbury  or Hartley Farm Shop Bath.

Give Bini a call 07961320193 for more information.

















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