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Sweet Cumin Cookery School and Spice Tin 

My mother gave me a parcel of gifts when I got married. It was spice tin, sari and a necklace. I guess the idea was that,  I can cook some delicious food for my husband and wear a lovely outfit at the same time.

I definitely cook some delicious food, however the sari hasn’t been used as much as it could have been!

One of the key pieces of kitchen equipment I use is my cookery school is the ‘masala no dabo’ (masala of tub) spice tin, it would be my desert island essentials.

Many of the cooks who come along to Sweet Cumin cookery session are keen to learn about the spices, how to use them however what they need to have in their  store cupboard.  So here’s my guide to what you need.


  • 1. Coriander whole spice or/ and  ground coriander – you can grind the whole seeds if you prefer
  • 2. Cumin whole spice or / and ground cumin– you can grind the cumin seeds if you like. be warned that cumin can be very bitter.
  • 3. Garam masala – a blend of hot spices. Of course it needs to be a jar of Bini’s 1* Great Taste 2017 Award Winning spice blend ( contact Bini if you’d like to order some bini@sweetcumin.co.uk )
  • 4. Turmeric powder – some people use the fresh version if you prefer
  • 5. Chilli powder – I use standard chilli powder
  • 6. Cassia bark – is part of the cinnamon family

  • 7. Whole cloves – a little goes a long way
  • 8. Green Cardamoms – can be used whole or just the seeds inside the pod
  • 9. Dried Whole chillies – great for Southern Indian cuisine
  • 10 Black pepper corns – adds heat to the food
  • 11. Mustard seeds – black or yellow take your pick

Remember to buy the best quality.






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